Cassava Noodles, bag 250g



Caromi, the name given to cassava noodles in a grid pattern, are made from fresh cassava roots through serveral manual processes. The roots require peeling, washing, grinding, and dipping over 2 days & 2 nights. They are then cooked using firewood before finely beating, spinning and drying under the glorious sunshine of Central Vietnam.
All of this aims to create the most DELICIOUS and HEALTHY food for us.

Cassava noodles are made entirely from cassava roots, no additives, no preservatives. So it is completely a safe food with 100% natural, gluten free and serve a lots of health benefits:
– Support weight diet
– Prevent CANCER
– Supplement minerals necessary for the body such as calcium, iron, potassium
– Suitable for people with gluten intolerance or gluten allergy
– Rich fiber helps to lower bad cholesterol and sugar level in blood

* Instruction (1 of 2 ways) 

– Cold water: dip bite-sized chunks noodle in cold water for 10 minutes, take out & drain

– Boiling water: cook noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes. Then run them under cold water shortly & drain

* Recipes

– Salad: Take the softened pho and mix it with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and a little fatty, sweet and sour sauce of your choice.

Spaghetti Việt - Món ngon lý tưởng để làm salad trộn kiểu Thái
Vietnamese spaghetti – ideal for Thai salads

– Serve with broth: Place softened pho in a bowl, add warm broth (snakehead fish, tuna, meat,…), serve with vegetables

Ăn cùng nước dùng thịt/cá/gà/...
Eat with meat/fish/chicken/broth…

– Minimalist: Put the soft noodles into a bowl, mix with soy sauce and add a little seasoning powder if you like.

– Frying: Break a piece of dry pho, drop it into a pan of hot oil, fry for about 5 seconds, take it out to drain the oil, and use for dipping/drilling the sauce.

Chiên phồng chấm nước xốt
Chiên phồng chấm nước xốt

* Expiry date: 1.5 years from production date

* Storage: in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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