How it’s made?

Cassava Noodle is made from 100% cassava root

Cassava root has to go through many procedures by Vietnamese farmers to become white, long and fragrant noodles.

Selection of fresh cassava root

Best fresh roots will be selected, manually peeled then cut into small pieces.

Soaking and decanting for three days

In three day cassava’s pieces are soaked in water and filtered every hour to remove the acidity. That also makes cassava noodle whiter. At the end of third day the pieces are grinded into wet flour.


Cassava flour is cooked with firewood for natural sapidity.

Stiring ripe flour into smooth puree

After properly cooking, the farmer will mix cassava flour again, until it becomes a smooth puree.

Producing and drying

Farmer will put the cassava puree in spinning machine to make noodle strand on griddle. Those griddles are set under hot sunshine for 6 hours.

Gathering and packaging

The farmer must pay attention while drying the noodle strand or it will be crispy and doesn’t taste good anymore.