Our Story

In the poor countryside of Quang, there is a gift that everyone loves and remembers. Cassava Noodle – a creative dish of the Que Son people for nearly a hundred years – has now become a speciality with a strong hometown flavour. Throughout history, during the difficult years of war, cassava noodle has been considered a “saviour” in the lives of the people here.

Born and raised in a family with a three-generation tradition of making noodles, Duong Ngoc Anh, despite having a successful career of his own, still worries about the cassava noodles job that is about to be lost. The Caromi project was born with him and his colleagues, with cassava noodle as the key product to help the artisan village preserve its culinary culture, bring its own value to the market, gradually make a difference and increase the value of local products.

Making cassava noodles is both a feat and a unique experience. The cassava roots are carefully prepared under the hands of skilled workers, going through many meticulous manual steps to produce beautiful, golden, reticulated pho plates with a fragrant scent of sunshine.

Cassava noodles are made entirely from natural ingredients, with no additives, colourings or preservatives, making it very healthy and suitable for people on a vegetarian diet. It is particularly convenient and saves time and cooking costs as it can be prepared in a variety of delicious, nutritious and healthy dishes by simply soaking it in cold water.

Cassava noodle is well suited to the diverse culinary needs of Vietnamese diners, as today’s consumers seek not only quality, but also cultural values and the flavours of each region.

The land of Que Son and his predecessors left a bold mark and achieved many glorious victories, contributing to the creation of Quang Nam Thua Tuyen Dao – the 13th Dao of Dai Viet. Because of this tradition of patriotism and love for the homeland, the people here always want to build a country that bears the footprints of those who founded it. This tradition is a great source of motivation that drives us – every person in Que Son – to develop products of our own hometown.

Cassava Noodle is a cultural history, a passionate desire and the crystallisation of the Bau Sanh Nui Que region.