More than 20 years ago, there was a 12 years old boy in a small village. Everyday he woke up at 04:00 Am to help his parent proceducing cassava noodle, then he hurried up to school. In the late afternoon, together with mom and dad he gathered the dried noodle strand and packaged for delivery to guests. His family is the first one in the village making cassava noodle. Step by step, the others in the village followed him and the only traditional village of cassava noodle was born right there. At that time, cassava noodle was made manually so it was very hard. The spar of machine was even heavier than the boy, therefore he and his little sister had to grab and pull the spar down, so that his mother can knitt the noodle strands below. He grew up with cassava noodle like that. Although it was hard, thanks to it he can go to university and then he becomes CEO of an IT company, which spelializes in proceducing mananagment softwares for European market.

After all the time that man is still in love with cassava noodle. He always thinks about the questions “How to make this noodle more popular? how can the poor farmers in the village get out of porverty with this traditional carrier?”. The idea of packaging cassava noodle and proceducing instant noodle comes in his mind one day. With the support of Danang Entrepreneurship Support Company, he knows that soon Que Son cassava noodle will cross the border of  a small village, reach international market and bring a better life for the folk there.