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Vietnamese Spaghetti – A new creation from Vietnamese countryside. Originating from a nearly 100-year-old craft village that almost disappeared after the years of war, until 1996, Caromi’s predecessor officially revived the craft of making cassava noodles. Through skillful hands and constant improvements, we create clean, fragrant noodles that still retain their purity and unique flavor.

The noodles are light yellow in colour and have a naturally mild flavour. If you don’t want to cook it, just soak the pho in clean water for 10 minutes, take it out and let it drain. At this point, the pho noodles are slightly crunchy, chewy and ready to absorb spices.

* Ingredients: 100% Cassava Root (also known as Manioc)

* Nutritional value

Vietnamese spaghetti is made from tubers rich in starch, fibre, minerals, vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C. It can be seen that they have the same nutritional value as some tubers such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro,…

Provides the body with more pure energy than white rice. Vietnamese spaghetti is very beneficial for diabetics and pre-diabetics. Manioc has a low glycemic index (GI= 46) thanks to its high fibre content, which slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood. As a result, blood sugar levels do not rise after consumption, as is the case with many other foods. This product is a healthier choice than rice (GI=73), potatoes (GI=85), etc.

* Instruction (1 of 2 ways)

– Use cold water: Soak pho in cold water for 10 minutes, take out and let it chill

– Use boiling water: Drop the pho into boiling water, cook in 3 minutes, remove and rinse under cold water & let it chill

* Recipes

– Salad: Take the softened pho and mix it with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and a little fatty, sweet and sour sauce of your choice.

Spaghetti Việt - Món ngon lý tưởng để làm salad trộn kiểu Thái
Vietnamese spaghetti – ideal for Thai salads

– Serve with broth: Place softened pho in a bowl, add warm broth (snakehead fish, tuna, meat,…), serve with vegetables

Ăn cùng nước dùng thịt/cá/gà/...
Eat with meat/fish/chicken/broth…

– Minimalist: Put the soft noodles into a bowl, mix with soy sauce and add a little seasoning powder if you like.

– Frying: Break a piece of dry pho, drop it into a pan of hot oil, fry for about 5 seconds, take it out to drain the oil, and use for dipping/drilling the sauce.

Chiên phồng chấm nước xốt
Chiên phồng chấm nước xốt

* Expiry date: 1.5 years from production date

* Storage: in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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