Cassava noodle contains more minerals than any type of noodles.

According to results of Quality Assurance And Testing Center No. 2 (Quatest 2) 1 kilogramm cassaval noodle contains 509mg calcium, 46,2mg iron, 504mg potassium- they’re necessary minerals for human body.

Calcium helps form strong bones and teeth. While potassium plays as important component of cell and body fluids that help regulate heart rate and blood pressure. A study showed that potassium which consumed by people with high blood pressure could help in lowering systolic blood pressure. Potassium also an important mineral which enables your heart to beat. People with heart rhythm problem are supposed to consumed potassium and cassava can be the choice.

The mineral iron found in cassava can help the body to form two important proteins, hemoglobin (protein molecule in red blood cell) and myoglobin (protein found in heart and muscle ) – who served to carry oxygen to whole body tissues.

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