Have you known? Cassava noodle can reduce Cholesterol in blood

A study in the Philippines (one of the countries where cassava is one of important crop) conducted a research to looked into the effects of root crops especially cassava in lowering cholesterol levels among humans. The study showed that cassava has significant effect in decreasing total cholesterol levels, it also decreased thelow density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol which are considered as “bad” cholesterol, and may help to lower the triglyceride levels due to its high dietary fibre content. Cassava also known as good source of saponins. These phytochemicals can help the body lower unhealthy cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. Saponins act by binding the bile acids and cholesterol, and prevent  thus from being absorbed by small intestines.

Cassava noodle is made from cassava root, which keeps it benifts properly. That makes this food naturally good for the health, especially people with high level of Choresterol in bloodstream have to follow a strictly diet.


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