Why is cassava noodle Caromi the best food for you?

For over 100 years, Cassava noodle has become a traditional dish for the people of Central Vietnam through the difficult years. Today, this dish is still produced and consumed by people in Que Son district of Quang Nam province. Although it has existed so long, but few know the full health benefits of Cassava noodle for human.

Perhaps many of you are still wondering what Cassava noodle is?

As a nature food Cassava noodle is made entirely from cassava root and suitable for all of us.

First of all, it is necessary to mention the unique point of Cassava noodle, which is absolutely safe.

Throughout the process, they don’t use any chemicals at all. No baking, no bleach, no phormones, no toxic colorants, not even oil. After carefully selecting and properly processing, cooking  with firewood, the white chunky roots turn into cassava noodle containing sunny scent. Therefore people can completely feel safe and rest when enjoying this dish.

Do not be fooled by the simple rustic appearance, Cassava noodle is actually the most nutritious food of all existed noodle types.

According to inspection results of Quality Assurance Center No. 2, 1 kg cassava noodle contains up to 89% of carbohydrates, minerals and essential minerals necessary for the body such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium. As a rare gluten free food, this even helps to strengthen the bones and teeth, lower cholesterol levels in the blood, reduce the risk of heart disease and constipation. As the recommended food for people with celiac disease, studies have shown cessation of active support in the treatment of Alzheimer and Autism. Besides that, complex carbohydrate breakdown occurs quite slowly, plus the amount of fiber will remain full feeling, while your body stay energetic all day long. This makes Cassava noodle become ideal for people, who wants to lose weight and works hard.

Actually the process of making noodle is very meticulous, but thanks to that the nutritional components and benefits of cassava will be saved and promoted completely. Only the step soaking cassava already takes two days. People need to change the water continuously and skillfully to stimulate the light fermentation process, create a characteristic flavor for the food.

Finally, people put the white noodles on strand under the sunshine for 6 hours. Without using machines at this step may sound weird, but it is main point that makes Cassava noodle more natural. This tastes so special that no noodles can compare to.

Now you have a basic knowledge of this unique dish. Do you want to add them to your family’s healthy diet today?

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