Cassava noodle salad in Singapore style

Preparation time
10 mins
Cooking time
10 mins
4 people
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250 g
Cassava noodle
Cassava noodle salad in Singapore style

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  1. Prepare: Break cassava noodle in bite-sized chunks, soak them in clear water for 5 minutes then drain for 2 minutes. Wash cabbage and cut in small pieces. Peel carrot and cut into strands. Green onion should be washed and cut in small pieces too. Peel and wash shirmps. Pork can be slice in bite-sized chunks.
  2. Mix the eggs with 1 tsp salt, heat the oil and fry egg until it ripe, take it out and cut into strands
  3. Put shrimps and pork in the pan and fry, add 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar and stir them until they're ripe
  4. Heat the oil, add cabbage, carrot and stir, season them with a tsp salt, add a little water and cook in 5 minutes. Mix all the ingredients together and season if you like. Now it's ready to serve.