Best choice for eatclean

Scientific nutrition plays a very important role in modern life, and anyone can follow a healthy diet such as Eat Clean. This is a diet that prioritises the use of clean foods – fresh, minimally processed or simplified. This helps eaters get the most nutritional value from food. This healthy diet also encourages the avoidance of fatty or processed foods, sweets or other packaged foods.

In today’s market, there are many foods that can replace everyday starches, aimed at women who maintain a clean diet, including the most well-known organic products such as brown rice noodles and pasta. vegetables, potato noodles, etc. The reason we have such a variety of dishes is because people with clean eating lifestyles are often very creative in preparing dishes and tend to always change for the better. Satisfying the need for safety, freshness and ease of use, Caromi’s manioc products – a manioc brand – will definitely be an essential choice for women’s daily meals.  

Caromi Cassava Noodle is made from cassava roots grown directly in Dong Phu Craft Village – Quang Nam and contains no preservatives or colourings. Through skilled hands and constant improvements, we can create cleaner and more delicious pho noodles, while still retaining the original purity and unique flavour. This is a completely harmless product, purely plant-based, safe for your health and provides the purest energy. Cassava is an extremely rich source of nutrients, providing a rich source of fibre and resistant starch, which encourages the growth of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Manioc fibre also reduces appetite. When eaten, it limits the intake of other foods into the body, making it easier for women to lose weight while maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Parts of cassava also contain antioxidants that help support heart health, the immune system and the digestive system. 

Cassava noodles is easy to prepare, suitable for the modern girl: convenient, fresh, clean, while still being able to take care of her health. From the package of cassava noodle they buy, women can easily prepare many ingredients in many different ways: boil and eat with pho broth, make a salad, mix with salad or even eat with soy sauce. tasty. However it is prepared, the chewy, fleshy pho noodles and the natural flavour of cassava are always the highlight. In addition to cassava noodle, Caromi also offers other products to help women transform their family meals, such as carrot noodles, butterfly bean flower cassava noodles, beetroot noodles, Viet spaghetti, cassava rice paper, etc.

With cassava pho, it’s easy to make many delicious eat clean dishes

With Caromi’s quality products, maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet has become easier than ever. Caromi cassava noodle not only has the delicious taste typical of Vietnamese pho, but the colours of dishes made with cassava noodles will definitely stimulate both your taste buds and your eyesight, helping you to enjoy the dish. Delicious and healthy at the same time.

Every package of Caromi products not only brings you satisfaction, but is also a meaningful action that contributes to the development of artisan villages and improves the living standards of local people. By choosing Caromi, you are participating in the green revolution towards sustainable development for the community.

Currently, Caromi’s products are available on e-commerce platforms, which is extremely convenient for office ladies who want to shop online. With good quality and affordable prices, we believe you will not want to miss the opportunity to experience the wonderful taste of this special Quang dish. If you care about your health and want to enjoy a clean, safe product, order a package of Caromi Cassava Noodle right away through Shopee to experience the unique taste and good for your health.